Barclays Current Accounts

Your income and expenditure is different from everyone else's which is why there is no one "best UK current account". This is why we recommend you use's current accounts comparison service. We provide an impartial search of the current accounts market to find the account that is the best match for your banking needs.

Current accounts service is customised to give you a clear and comprehensive view of the options available. If you are switching your account we will show you how much you could save in your first year by switching accounts.

If you want a new account, we weigh up the amount of interest you'll earn against any costs and interest charges in the first year. If you want a new account, we weigh up the amount of interest you'll earn against any costs and interest charges in the first year.

Saving Accounts

A saving account is ideal for you if you want a fixed rate of interest for your savings, for a fixed term with no risk to your capital. We have 2 types of saving account. With our Fixed Rate saving accounts, you cannot make withdrawals or deposits.

Barclays Home Insurance

Protect your home and your valuable possessions with our combined buildings and contents insurance 3 and you could get more than you'd expect. We want you to be able to choose the level of cover that suits you best. Once you've entered your details, we'll offer you three levels of cover (Less, Standard or More) with prices to match. You can take one of these off-the-shelf options or you can tweak it further to add on the extras you need for your home. We'll then offer you a new quote. You control; you choose.

It potentially ensures preservation and growth of your money to meet a number of long-term financial needs such as children's education and marriage planning, retirement planning, wealth accumulation and inter-generational wealth transfer while simultaneously sheltering you and your loved ones from financial hardships through loan.

Barclays Income Insurance

Barclays Income Insurance is underwritten by Barclays Insurance (Dublin) Limited. Registered Office: Two Park Place, Hatch Street, Dublin 2, Ireland which is registered in Ireland with Number 265959. It is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is a subsidiary of Barclays Bank PLC.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday 9am-3.30pm. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Read our call charges and information. All customer comments received.


  • Worldwide multi-trip family home insurance, AA Breakdown Cover and more for just £15 a month.
  • Fee-free planned overdraft of up to £300 (subject to status) – above that amount we'll charge a daily fee when you use your overdraft.
  • £5 reward from us each month you pay £1,000 into your account.